Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! Grab a cup of tea, a comfortable spot by a big window or a warm cook stove, and lets share words. Sounds funny? Sharing words is what makes us who we are. Out of our mouths flow the power to create life, and to destroy life. I choose to create, to build up, to help heal. In this day and age, we have forgotten the power of words.

What if . . . what if for today, we choose our words as a craftsman or craftswoman would choose their clay, or paint, or piece of wood or skein of wool. What if for today we put a guard over our mouths and think before we speak. What if we sing the words that are about to spill over, instead of speaking them.

Words. The power of life and death. My books, my blog, my conversations, even my thoughts . . . may I always choose to be mindful of what I think and say, and intentionally speak life all around me every day.

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